Welcome to Saintjudesarmy. This website is created in memory of Ngangmi Jude Anyeacho Sr, my husband of 3 years who left this world on the night of Valentine’s Day (Feb 14 2011) and was pronounced dead on Feb 15 2011. The inspiration for this site came from my personal experiences following his death. Millions of women face similar treatments when they loose their spouses and nobody I mean nobody seem to say anything about it. The women keep their pain bottled up yet their hearts bleed continuously. My prayer is that let saintjudesarmy be a starting point for such women to pour out their hearts and release some pain. Darl, like I called him went to bed on Feb 14 and never woke up. The cause of his death was never determined because an autopsy was not conducted.

        I cannot put in numbers the number of children who lived with my husband before and after I met him. He was a philanthropist, a charitable and generous person, a good husband. I know he would have made a perfect dad but he never had the chance to see or touch his own son. Of course he had his own flaws too, and the most striking was the fact that he gave to and served others without favor. 

       My goal is to help young widows send their kids to school because that is the best future they can get. The education of the kids will give hope to their mothers and make them smile. The joy of every mother is to see her child progress and I have identified education as the weapon that will empower and prosper such kids. For those of you who grew up in Cameroon certainly remember that with $5 you can pay the fees for a child in primary school and with $200 you will pay the fees for a university student for a year. As you read and feel the testimonies of young widows in Cameroon and aroud the globe, please think of the orphans most, some of them could be the driver of the future machine that could change our motherland for good. While we are unable to do much for the widows, we can begin by focusing on their children so as to avoid usual widow survival strategies which include withdrawing kids from school and turn them into petit traders, hawkers, thieves, or prostitutes.  

     The pain of losing a husband is just the beginning of a widow’s plight in Africa and many parts of the world. Saintjudesarmy shall focus on widows’ testimonies with the aim of drawing a wide range of attention and support to these women. I count myself blessed because I do not live in the midst of those who continually provoke, and subject widows to more and more pain long after their spouses are gone. As you browse this site, think about the women who live in such painful remembrance of their loss. Such women could be you, or your aunt, your neighbor, your sister, your mother, or an acquaintance. These are the women whose testimonies I want you all to read and feel. And feel free to leave a comment anytme.

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